Statewide Referendum B
Provides a tax exemption for certain homes for the mentally disabled.

Controlling legislation: HB-196 * HB-196-AP

Does the ballot question and measure name accurately and fully reflect the effect of passage without obfuscation?


Who would benefit from the proposed change?

Non-profit corporations which can access federal tax credits for the provision of residential services for the mentally disabled would be able to established a Limited Liability Corporation, wholly controlled by the non-profit; and use that LLC to contract with a for-profit corporation to finance the construction or renovation of a residential facility to serve the mentally disabled. These changes to the law, would permit the federal tax credits to be used to retire the debt to the for-profit corporation which provided financing. Significantly, and requiring the assent of the voters, the involvement of that for-profit company in the financing of that work, and the indirect ownership through the use of the LLC would not disqualify the non-profit company from claiming the ad-valorem tax exemptions to which they would otherwise be entitled for their work to provide housing to the mentally disabled.

Who supports the passage of this measure?

Who supports the defeat of this measure?

What is the Georgia Green Party’s recommended position?

The Georgia Green Party urges a YES vote on Referendum B.