You petition to become a local contact for the Green Party if there is no Green Party affiliate in your county yet, and you don’t have a sufficient number of interested people ready to petition for recognition as an affiliate.  It is also a good way to begin preparations for creating a local affiliate, when a local group exists to operate at that level.  

Local contacts sign a pledge affirming their allegiance to the principles of the state and national Green Parties, vow to adhere to the bylaws of the Georgia Green Party. They promise to represent us faithfully, to accept and return the calls, emails and other inquiries of people in their area interested in the Green Party, and to document and record their contact information. At some point local contacts may be trained and assisted in pulling together a county Green Party organization, or “affiliate” as our bylaws call it. Local contacts submit a petition to the state party’s affiliation committee. Prospective local contacts undergo a personal visit by at least one member of the state committee, and must be accepted by the state committee.  The names and contact info of “local contact” are on some of the public web pages and documents of the GA Green Party.

Download this form today and apply to become a local contact! Submit the completed form by e-mail to or mail it to Georgia Green Party, PO Box 1936, Decatur, GA, 30031.

Updated 2023-01-26