Month June 2023

The Georgia Green Party urges Support for the Stop Cop City Initiative

Atlanta Referendum!

We — all of us — need your help to put the “Stop the Atlanta Safety Training Facility Public (aka Stop Cop City) referendum on the up-coming November 7 Atlanta ballot.

We need all registered Atlanta voters — including your friends, neighbors and even peeps that you don’t like — to sign the ballot-access petition before the August 14th deadline. If you are not registered to vote, please do so. You can sign the petition the next day. Then please put the Tuesday November 7th election day on your calendar and vote !

This referendum is more than militarization of much-needed green space, more than the execution-murder of a peaceful protester in a public DeKalb park, more than the heavy political hands of Atlanta’s mayor and Georgia’s governor and attorney general, more than behind-the-scenes power plays of Atlanta’s corporate businesses, more than the back-door politics of the Democratic and Republican Parties, more than the corrupt influence of the Atlanta Police Foundation, more than the pollution of South River and Intrenchment Creek, more than . . . .

This referendum is about our promised democracy, is about necessary over-sight and accountability of Atlanta’s decision-makers, is about making Atlanta’s governance listen to us, is about two public comment sessions (the first in September 2021 and the second just this last June 5th) where speakers were over-whelmingly against the proposed “Cop City.”

We are a political party that is always looking for good people to run for elective office, including for Atlanta City Council. Your help is needed, whether it’s collecting petition signatures, educating your neighbors, spreading the word on Social media, helping us build a campaign for law enforcement to be accountable to the people and civilian authorities, and perhaps running for office on these and other issues.

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