Month October 2022

Growing Up Targeted: the Expose COINTELPRO Education Series

Growing Up Targeted

The Georgia Green Party is a founding member of the COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Coalition to pass HR-2998.

This event features a panel including the now grown children of former political prisoners Fulani Sunni-Ali (may she be well rewarded for her many contributions) and Georgia resident, Baba Bilal Sunni-Ali who survived Sr. Fulani’s untimely death, perhaps six or eight years ago now. Sr. Fulani for many years co-hosted with Sulaiman Mahdi, (who was himself a founding member of the Georgia Green Party, may he too be long remembered and well rewarded), a weekly program on Radio Free Georgia (WRFG-89.3FM).

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend this event. Use this link to RSVP your intentions and to register with the zoom platform for connection credentials.

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