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Midterm Results: the War Party Rules

There is no doubt who won the midterm elections: the War Party, which for generations has been virtually unopposed in the US. “Democrats gave a wink and a nod to the military industrial complex by remaining silent on the question… Continue Reading →

Election Clearly Stolen from Georgia Voters

Greens welcome Abrams stand for election integrity, concerned for scope Green candidate documents cronyism in Kemp’s mismanagement of Georgia elections “This election was clearly stolen from the Georgia voters, in a campaign of a thousand cuts and involving at least… Continue Reading →

Yes on B — allow non profits serving mentally disabled to leverage anticipated federal tax credits to secure private sector financing for construction and renovations

Statewide Referendum B Provides a tax exemption for certain homes for the mentally disabled. Controlling legislation: HB-196 * HB-196-AP Does the ballot question and measure name accurately and fully reflect the effect of passage without obfuscation? Yes. Who would benefit… Continue Reading →

No on A — reject effort to deny Atlanta residents notice, hearing for millage rate increases

Statewide Referendum A — Urging a NO vote Provides for a homestead exemption for residents of certain municipal corporations. Controlling Legislation: HB-820 * HB-820-AP Does the ballot question and measure name accurately and fully reflect the effect of passage without… Continue Reading →

Yes on Five — facilitate SPLOST for educational purposes in counties with multiple school districts

2018_ballot_questions_yes_on_5 CA #5 — Urging a YES vote Authorizes Fair Allocation of Sales Tax Proceeds to County and City School Districts Constitutional Amendment: SR-95 * SR-95-AP Enabling Legislation: implementation will be by local school boards Does the ballot question and… Continue Reading →

No on Four — protect presumption of innocence, juvenile process, reject dangerous intrusion by corporations into criminal proceedings

CA #4 — Urging a NO vote Provides rights for victims of crime in the judicial process. Constitutional Amendment: SR-146 * SR-146-AP Enabling Legislation:  none identified Does the ballot question and measure name accurately and fully reflect the effect of… Continue Reading →

NO on Three — reject impoverishing rural schools to subsidize one of wealthiest industries in state

CA #3 — Urging a NO vote Encourage the conservation, sustainability, and longevity of Georgia’s working forests through tax subclassification and grants. Constitutional Amendment: HR-51 * HR-51-AP Enabling Legislation: HB-85 * HB-85-AP Does the ballot question and measure name accurately… Continue Reading →

NO on Two — Reject business courts, a premature, anti-democratic, corporate power grab

CA #2 — Urging a NO vote Creates a state-wide business court to lower costs, enhance efficiency, and promote predictable judicial outcomes. Constitutional Amendment: HR-993 * HR-993-AP Enabling Legislation: HB-185 * HB-185-SCS (Senate Committee Substitute) Does the ballot question and… Continue Reading →

No on One – Taxpayers and Elected Officials should Prioritize Tax Expenditures, not a private industry group

CA #1 — Urging a NO vote Creates the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund  to protect water quality, wildlife habitat and parks Constitutional Amendment: HR-238 * HR-238-AP (pdf) Enabling Legislation: HB-332 * HB-332-AP (pdf) Does the ballot question and measure… Continue Reading →

Ballot Questions 2018: Corporate Welfare, Significant Cost to Georgia Taxpayers

Please help us spread the word.  You can print the Summary of the Georgia Green Party’s Recommendations on the 2018 Ballot Questions front and back, then cut them in half to get two leaflets per sheet you print. The democratic… Continue Reading →

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