Statewide Referendum A — Urging a NO vote
Provides for a homestead exemption for residents of certain municipal corporations.

Controlling Legislation: HB-820 * HB-820-AP

Does the ballot question and measure name accurately and fully reflect the effect of passage without obfuscation?

No. First, the provisions of this measure are narrowly drawn to apply only to the city of Atlanta. Neither the question title, nor the ballot question makes clear that adoption of this state wide referendum would exempt the city of Atlanta from notice and hearing requirements related to any proposal to raise the millage rate applied to property values to compute ad-valorem taxes.

Who would benefit from the proposed change?

The city of Atlanta will be relieved of certain public participation requirements related to notice and hearings when considering a millage rate increase. Although the details are difficult to discern, supposedly some municipal property tax payers in Atlanta will benefit from an additional exemption of their primary residence for properties less than five acres.

Who supports the passage of this measure?

Who supports the defeat of this measure?

What is the Georgia Green Party’s recommended position?

The Georgia Green Party urges a NO vote on Referendum A.