Month January 2021

Georgia Party Responds to Lavender Caucus Complaint Seeking to Purge Georgia Party

In their complaint (referred to in this document as the NLC complaint or the complaint), the complainant seeks action by the Accreditation Committee with the intended result of ‘suspending’ the Georgia Green Party, placing our state party on ‘inactive status’; or alternately to take action to ‘disaccredit’ our state party, by asking the Green National Committee to sever its relationship with the Georgia party.

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The NLC complaint fails to state an actionable claim that either proposed outcome is justified. We urge that this committee (1) reject this complaint, (2) exercise patience that the party’s process for the democratic revision to its platform will function to resolve disputes among accredited members over platform language and (3) allow our state and national parties to return to the important work of building capacity for the election cycle which began as the polls closed November 3rd, 2020.

Read the entire response at the Read More link.

Sue Donym helped Lead the Way

The National Lavender Caucus of the Green Party of the United States, on Christmas Eve, filed its complaint seeking the dis-accreditation of the Georgia Green Party, a member in good standing since 1999. The infrastructure of the national party has been captured by authoritarian tendencies which have no respect for the party’s values for feminism, grassroots democracy and a respect for diversity. Feminist voices within the party have been repeatedly silenced in every conceivable forum for engagement within the party, including its National Women’s Caucus (but see also here, here and here).

If your feminism prioritizes the feelings of men over the material conditions of women then you are not a feminist.  -- Sarah Field, Leeds City Councillor

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