Your Membership Builds the Georgia Green Party

We are working to build a future worthy of our grandchildren. The roots we put down now will bear fruit for generations to come.

Twenty dollars a day will permit our Party to communicate with ourselves and the world and fund a bare-bones infrastructure for an organizing campaign.

Eighty-three dollars a day will hire a part-time staff to coordinate the next phase of building our state-wide political party.

Whether you can participate in our Dollar-a-Day sustaining pledge program, or make a one time financial contribution, with your support, with your candidacy, your volunteer energy, your time and your money, we can offer the next generation more hope than we face now.

Please give generously.

Use your credit or debit card to create either a monthly or annual payment of dues to the Georgia Green Party. The minimum dues are 10 USD monthly or 120 USD annually.

Single payments by credit card in any amount can be made at this link.

Alternatively, write a check made payable to “The Georgia Green Party” and send to:

Georgia Green Party
P.O. Box 1936
Decatur GA 30031

Please include a completed contribution form so that we can fulfill our disclosure reporting requirements.