Month May 2021

Defense Team Hosts Video Depositions in matter of National Lavender Caucus vs Georgia Green Party

Snowden, . . . there is no fair trial on offer now . . .

An authoritarian coup is afoot within the National Committee to purge the party of independent and critical thinking. Among other evidence of this is the complaint of the National Lavender Caucus filed with the Accreditation Committee seeking the revocation of this state party’s accreditation as a member of the national party. The Georgia Green Party has filed its response. Included in those pleadings was a witness list and a request that the committee schedule a hearing to take the testimony of our expert witnesses. The Accreditation Committee has failed to respond to our request for a hearing, and our allies on that committee have indicated that they are unlikely to do so. This weekend the party’s defense team is hosting depositions to take the testimony of its witnesses. And observers are welcome to join the call to observe the testimony live. Seats are limited and you can register here.

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