Protecting Our Water: A Georgia Green Party Imperative

Recent news exposing the contamination of Georgia’s water systems with “forever chemicals” is a wake-up call for us all. This issue hits close to home and resonates deeply with our Georgia Green Party platform. Here’s how: Honor the Rights of… Continue Reading →

Candidates for the 2024 Presidential Nomination of the Green Party of the United States

A week before our February 17th, 2024 Nominating Convention, we invited the six candidates recognized by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee “a video statement of five or ten minutes, addressed to Delegates to our state convention.”  We heard back from two campaigns.  To explore what is published for all six candidates, see the links included in the letter we sent a week or so ago to Green Party supporters in Georgia.

To prepare for our Presidential Preference Caucus, Georgia Greens are urged to learn more about our options at the links below.  These are the six candidates who have met, to one degree or another, the minimum thresholds for recognition by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee of the Green Party of the United States as candidates seeking seeking the Green Party’s Presidential nomination. In alphabetical order by last name, they are:

The ballot access coordinator for the Jill Stein campaign reached out to the party to discuss efforts to place Dr. Stein on the Georgia ballot in 2024.  He urged us to search the web for any number of video interviews which their candidate has given on a wide number of outlets.

Jorge Zavala sent us a link to the 2m19s video embedded at the Read More link.

Source: Jorge Zavala, candidate for the 2024 Presidential Nomination of the Green Party of the United States


Georgia Green Party Sends Condolences; Urges End to the Militarism

Georgia Green Party Sends Condolences
Urges End to the Militarism Which Will Only Produce More Death

On behalf of members, supporters and Green voters across the state, the officers of the Georgia Green Party extend condolences to the families of Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, 46, of Carrollton; Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, of Waycross; and Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett, 23, of Savannah.  

. . .

The Party calls on the Biden Administration to end its support for the Israeli war against Palestinians, its own war on Yemen, to withdraw naval and ground forces from the Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and to bring home the roughly fifty thousand US troops deployed throughout the region, half of those deployed since October 7th. It should also renounce the goal of regime change, whether it be in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, or any other state, and renounce covert operations and population-targeting sanctions as policy tools. Hostilities produce retaliation. Peace produces peace.

“Politicians and pundits who have sought to expand USA militarism in the region are exploiting the tragedy which befell our soldiers to pursue policies which will ensure greater loss of life,” said Ayman Fadel, treasurer of the Georgia Green Party. “Our Party calls instead for policies which will reduce the risk that Georgia families will again experience such loss.”

Party offers conditional support to HB-910, to protect minors from exposure to Pornography

Georgia Green Party Expresses Conditional Support for HB-910
to require age-verification for distribution of pornography to minors

On Thursday of this week, the officers of the Georgia Green Party sent a statement of conditional support for HB-910 (LC 56 0039), a bill intended to create a “civil remedy for damages against commercial entities that distribute material harmful to minors without performing age verification”.  The testimony was offered on the initiative of first term party co-chair Kristin Zebrowski of Gwinnett County, supported unanimously by the party officers.

The letter expresses the party’s “broad support for this bill’s intention to protect Georgia children from child abuse and our conditional support for the particulars of this bill”.  It goes on to express a handful of concerns for the specifics of this narrowly scoped legislative proposal.  The letter states “we would welcome an opportunity to consider legislation which seeks to remedy the harms to the so-called ‘performers’ who the evidence suggests are often victims of trafficking and exploitation, to the consumers (regardless of age), to their families and to the treatment and status of women and girls, generally.”  It goes on to also “urge the formation of a study committee to examine the (pornography) industry and to recommend for consideration in the coming legislative term appropriate comprehensive state regulation to protect the health and welfare of Georgia citizens” from that industry.

Legal Notice for 2024 Nominating Convention

Graphic promoting 2024 Nominating Convention

On February 17, 2024, the Georgia Green Party is hosting via teleconference its 2024 Nominating Convention.

FAQ for Georgia Greens Asking about the 2024 Presidential Election

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Georgia Greens Asking about the 2024 Presidential Election Greens are understandably excited about supporting a Green candidate for Georgia’s 16 electoral college votes. As the Georgia Green Party has already begun receiving inquiries from Greens… Continue Reading →

Georgia Green Party Coordinating Council 2023-24

Our coordinating council reflects an election conducted among party delegates assembled at the annual convention convened on July 29, 2023. The members of the Quick Decision Council were selected in the new council’s initial meeting on August 6, 2023. The… Continue Reading →

Greening Georgia’s Future: The Georgia Green Party Platform

Platform: a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands The Platform Committee of the Georgia Green Party invites the public to a monthly virtual examination of sections of its platform. Registration is required.

The Georgia Green Party urges Support for the Stop Cop City Initiative

Atlanta Referendum!

We — all of us — need your help to put the “Stop the Atlanta Safety Training Facility Public (aka Stop Cop City) referendum on the up-coming November 7 Atlanta ballot.

We need all registered Atlanta voters — including your friends, neighbors and even peeps that you don’t like — to sign the ballot-access petition before the August 14th deadline. If you are not registered to vote, please do so. You can sign the petition the next day. Then please put the Tuesday November 7th election day on your calendar and vote !

This referendum is more than militarization of much-needed green space, more than the execution-murder of a peaceful protester in a public DeKalb park, more than the heavy political hands of Atlanta’s mayor and Georgia’s governor and attorney general, more than behind-the-scenes power plays of Atlanta’s corporate businesses, more than the back-door politics of the Democratic and Republican Parties, more than the corrupt influence of the Atlanta Police Foundation, more than the pollution of South River and Intrenchment Creek, more than . . . .

This referendum is about our promised democracy, is about necessary over-sight and accountability of Atlanta’s decision-makers, is about making Atlanta’s governance listen to us, is about two public comment sessions (the first in September 2021 and the second just this last June 5th) where speakers were over-whelmingly against the proposed “Cop City.”

We are a political party that is always looking for good people to run for elective office, including for Atlanta City Council. Your help is needed, whether it’s collecting petition signatures, educating your neighbors, spreading the word on Social media, helping us build a campaign for law enforcement to be accountable to the people and civilian authorities, and perhaps running for office on these and other issues.

Georgia Green Party 2023 Annual Meeting, Sat., July 29th

Notice is given of, and Greens from across Georgia are urged to gather for, the 2023 Annual Convention of the Georgia Green Party. We will convene on Saturday, July 29th, at 10am, with plans to adjourn at 4pm that afternoon. This annual meeting is our opportunity to amend the state party’s state Platfform. Green Party members and others registered to participate in the Convention are invited to show up at 10am to caucus for the purpose of naming delegates from their county to the 2023 Annual Convention of the Georgia Green Party. This virtual event will be hosted on an online conferencing platform and pre-registration is required.

This meeting will consider nominations for internal party offices, including eight two-year seats and two one-year seats on the state committee, plus two two-year seats and two one-year seats on the state party’s Delegation on National Green Party Affairs. The Annual Meeting will also consider proposed amendments to the state party platform and proposed changes to the bylaws as such may have been previously reviewed by the state committee.

Ending Men’s Violence against Women with this Generation (in 13 short episodes)

The first episode is now out! Watch for the first ten episodes to be published at roughly daily intervals; and for the final three episodes by the beginning of the year.

On the evening of December 15th, 2020, the Georgia Green Party hosted a forum and panel discussion entitled:

Ending Men’s Violence Against Women with this Generation

The event was organized in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of all Violence Against Women, as recognized by the United Nations.

The forum was moderated by Denice Traina, the immediate past co-chair of the Georgia Green Party, with panelists including: Vednita Carter, Robert Jensen and Hilla Kerner.

Please watch, like, subscribe and share.
Please take action on what
you learn from this event.

Georgia Green Party Statement on Protests in Iran

Printer-friendly version Approved by the Quick Decision Council of the Coordinating Committee on November 30, 2022 The Georgia Green Party expresses its support for people-centered liberation movements which respect the human rights of women and ethnic and religious minorities in… Continue Reading →

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