Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

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Georgia Green Party Sends Condolences
Urges End to the Militarism Which Will Only Produce More Death

On behalf of members, supporters and Green voters across the state, the officers of the Georgia Green Party extend condolences to the families of Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, 46, of Carrollton; Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, of Waycross; and Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett, 23, of Savannah.

Successive presidential administrations have continued to deploy military forces throughout the world, mostly against the will of significant groups in the regions of deployment. Rather than attempt to resolve conflicts using diplomacy and in accordance with international humanitarian law, our elected officials have time and time again chosen sanctions, occupations, assassinations and bombings as their methods for dealing with the peoples of the world. In addition to causing mass death in those countries, this militarism inevitably results in USA casualties. Furthermore, these policies bring other long-term negative consequences to our own society.

The Party calls on the Biden Administration to end its support for the Israeli war against Palestinians, its own war on Yemen, to withdraw naval and ground forces from the Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and to bring home the roughly fifty thousand US troops deployed throughout the region, half of those deployed since October 7th. It should also renounce the goal of regime change, whether it be in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, or any other state, and renounce covert operations and population-targeting sanctions as policy tools. Hostilities produce retaliation. Peace produces peace.

“Politicians and pundits who have sought to expand USA militarism in the region are exploiting the tragedy which befell our soldiers to pursue policies which will ensure greater loss of life,” said Ayman Fadel, treasurer of the Georgia Green Party. “Our Party calls instead for policies which will reduce the risk that Georgia families will again experience such loss.”


The featured image is a 1905 illustration by John S. Pughe first published in Puck magazine. It shows “a flotilla of ships with Theodore Roosevelt’s face on the lead ship; the figure of Peace (or Columbia), wearing armor and carrying a sword in one hand and an olive branch fashioned out of bayonets in the other, is sitting atop this ship. Two doves flying by her side are wearing armor and are armed as well.”