Friday, February 2nd, 2024

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Georgia Green Party Expresses Conditional Support for HB-910
to require age-verification for distribution of pornography to minors

On Thursday of this week, the officers of the Georgia Green Party sent a statement of conditional support for HB-910 (LC 56 0039), a bill intended to create a “civil remedy for damages against commercial entities that distribute material harmful to minors without performing age verification”.  The testimony was offered on the initiative of first term party co-chair Kristin Zebrowski of Gwinnett County, supported unanimously by the party officers.

The letter expresses the party’s “broad support for this bill’s intention to protect Georgia children from child abuse and our conditional support for the particulars of this bill”.  It goes on to express a handful of concerns for the specifics of this narrowly scoped legislative proposal.  The letter states “we would welcome an opportunity to consider legislation which seeks to remedy the harms to the so-called ‘performers’ who the evidence suggests are often victims of trafficking and exploitation, to the consumers (regardless of age), to their families and to the treatment and status of women and girls, generally.”  It goes on to also “urge the formation of a study committee to examine the (pornography) industry and to recommend for consideration in the coming legislative term appropriate comprehensive state regulation to protect the health and welfare of Georgia citizens” from that industry.

The full text of the Party’s testimony on the subject is published to the website at a link below.

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Party offers conditional support to HB-910, to protect minors from exposure to Pornography

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