A week before our February 17th, 2024 Nominating Convention, we invited the six candidates recognized by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee “a video statement of five or ten minutes, addressed to Delegates to our state convention.”  We heard back from two campaigns.  To explore what is published for all six candidates, see the links included in the letter we sent a week or so ago to Green Party supporters in Georgia.

To prepare for our Presidential Preference Caucus, Georgia Greens are urged to learn more about our options at the links below.  These are the six candidates who have met, to one degree or another, the minimum thresholds for recognition by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee of the Green Party of the United States as candidates seeking seeking the Green Party’s Presidential nomination. In alphabetical order by last name, they are:

The ballot access coordinator for the Jill Stein campaign reached out to the party to discuss efforts to place Dr. Stein on the Georgia ballot in 2024.  He urged us to search the web for any number of video interviews which their candidate has given on a wide number of outlets.

Jorge Zavala sent us a link to the 2m19s video embedded here.

Source: Jorge Zavala, candidate for the 2024 Presidential Nomination of the Green Party of the United States