Notice is given of, and Greens from across Georgia are urged to participate in an additional Annual Convention in 2020 for the Georgia Green Party. Pursuant to recent changes to the party convention rules, and a finding by the officers of the party that exigent circumstances exist, this additional convention will use online platforms for the conduct of its business. This convention will meet in four sessions across three days, beginning the evening of Thursday, June 25th, continuing on the evening of Friday, June 26th, concluding with both a morning and an afternoon session scheduled for Saturday, June 27th, 2020.  [  Please ignore an email from the membership development committee which erroneously report the dates of the convention. ]  Full details for participation will be shared with members of the party and others registered for the event. We anticipate opening registration the week of week of June 8th.

Georgia Greens seeking to convene caucuses for their unorganized counties are urged to communicate their intentions with party officers by writing the state party officers, as soon as possible to schedule an opportunity to conduct their county caucuses hosted by the state party, and to have state-party communication with Greens in Georgia give notice of an opportunity to participate. All such caucuses will be scheduled for week-day evening hours and daylight hours on the weekend.

The recognized candidates seeking the Party’s nomination for President of the United States have been invited to participate in a virtual candidate forum on Friday night.

Members of the state committee are agreed to hold this subsequent June 2020 convention to elect members of the state committee and our delegation to the Green National Committee, to name delegates to the 2020 Quadrennial Presidential Nominating Convention of the Green Party of the United States (originally scheduled for Detroit Michigan, which will now be conducted as a virtual convention). This subsequent state convention might also consider changes proposed to the state party bylaws and potentially additional changes to the platforms of the state party and for the national party’s 2022 Platform cycle.

Our February 22nd Nominating Convention held in Bonaire Georgia has already nominated for the U.S. Congress in Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, Jimmy Cooper and endorsed in the non-partisan special election scheduled for November, John Fortuin for the U.S. Senate. In addition, we have nominated a slate of sixteen candidates for Presidential Elector as a part of the process for qualifying our Presidential slate to be nominated by the national Convention in July.

Please watch this page for upcoming details on how to register, how to schedule a caucus so Greens in your county can name its delegation to our state convention, how to submit proposed changes to the platform of the party to our Platform Committee and other details on how to participate in this process.

Thank you,

Denice Traina, Co-Chair
Kweku Lumumba, Co-Chair
LeRoy Bartel, Treasurer
Hugh Esco, Secretary