2020 is a Presidential Election year, and the Georgia Green Party will have the opportunity to nominate 16 candidates for the Electoral College. But to do so it must deliver 54,431 valid signatures.  Signature collection can begin on April 15th 2019, three and a half months from now.

Contested primaries build parties.

If we had 100 Green candidates across the state contesting for sixteen seats in the Electoral College, each committed to collecting 1,000 signatures before December 31st, 2019, we’d have secured the ability of our state party’s 2020 convention to nominate its candidates for statewide office by convention; and geared up to work for the ballot access of a slate of local candidates starting January 9th, 2020. A successful petition drive will also permit us to nominate candidates in the state-wide US Senate and PSC races scheduled for 2020.

If you’d be interested in participating in this ballot access strategy, to put Green candidates for public office on Georgia’s ballot in 2020, please let our state party officers know, by writing the address below, and watch for announcements of upcoming materials and programs designed to support those actions you take to create a visible presence for the Green Party in your own community.

Please write: ggp@georgiagreenparty.org