Congratulations to Jimmy Cooper are in order for an excellent write-in showing. He showed stronger results than our entire 1998 slate, or if memory serves, any other of our candidates except Nan Garrett and our Presidential slates.

‘Legislated off the ballot’, as Party Chairman Bruce Dixon often puts it, the Georgia Green Party was left to run the two candidates of its 2018 slate as write-ins. John Fortuin turned his attention elsewhere, to media work and research (see his report on cronyism in Georgia election policy, mentioned in the previous issue). But Jimmy Cooper was undeterred by the ballot access barriers and proceeded with his Fall campaign. His work was visible in the results.

To summarize, the Secretary certified results including a total of 564 votes for Green Party nominee Jimmy Cooper for Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. Those numbers include: 244 votes from Bibb County, 108 votes from Lowndes County, 134 votes from Houston County and 78 votes from the other nineteen counties combined.

Only one write-in candidate showed a stronger finish in this year’s results, Emily Leslie delivered 600 write-ins in her bid for House District #106.