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The democratic will of Georgians has been thwarted. Wealthy private contributors, including anonymous donors, not voters, determine candidate viability. Elected officials draw maps to choose their voters, before voters can choose their elected officials. Barriers to ballot access deny voters the ability to choose our preferred candidates and parties, while exclusion from polls and debates deny voters information on our options.

Voting may have been reduced to a choice among competing evils. But the corporate oligarchy must still seek our permission to amend the constitution.

The Georgia Green Party urges Georgia voters to use that power to say NO. The Georgia forestry industry is among the largest and most profitable in this state. That may give them the power and resources to purchase policy. But it is no reason to excuse them from their obligation to help fund our public schools. While #3 is perhaps the most egregious example of corporate welfare on our 2018 ballot, it is by no means the only one.

With your help, with your vote, we can deny this abuse of power and defeat these ill advised changes to the Constitution of Georgia.

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Georgia Green Party Recommendations on 2018 Ballot Questions

NO on #1, sales taxes should be spent on the evolving priorities of the community, not be dedicated by the Constitution to the priorities of the Outdoor Industry Association

NO on #2, reject these experimental, premature and anti­-democratic business courts which would favor lawyered­up
corporations over Georgia citizens

NO on #3, reject impoverishing Georgia public schools, particularly in rural communities; one of Georgia’s largest industries does not need a 60% property tax exemption to remain profitable, the working people and home­owners of Georgia should not have to subsidize their profit to fund our public schools

NO on #4, reject this billionaire pet project; protect the presumption of innocence for the accused and equal protection under the law; constitutional rights have traditionally protected people from their government, not from one another; let’s not pit human defendants against corporate ‘victims’

YES on #5, facilitate Special Local Option Sales Taxes for educational purposes in counties with multiple school systems

NO on A, reject this measure to deny Atlanta residents notice and hearings for millage rate increase

YES on B, preserve access to federal tax credits and county property tax exemptions for nonprofits which operate homes for the mentally disabled, even when they use private financing for construction or renovations