For those wanting to vote early and in person, know that the polls are already open. To learn the details on polling locations relevant for your county, use this form to get a phone number for your county county’s superintendent of elections.

Georgia’s registered voters should apply for an absentee ballot now to avoid expected election day snafus.  Click here to request your Absentee Ballot from Georgia’s Secretary of State.

If you have yet to register to vote in Georgia, or you have moved since voting previously, you have until October 5th, 2020 to do so.  Simply click here to register to vote with your current information.

The AJC has reported only eighteen days before the October 5th deadline for voter registration, that:  “Georgians who have completed their felony sentences but still owe money for restitution, fees and court costs are eligible to vote, according to a notice recently posted on the secretary of state’s website.  Felons still must pay off fines that are part of their court-ordered sentences before they can re-register to vote.”  The announcement was made to comply with a recent Georgia Supreme Court order in a case litigating the meaning of the Georgia Constitution’s prohibition of voting by convicted felons who have not completed their sentence.

To be clear, when we urge Greens to vote often, this is not an incitement to violate any laws.  Rather we are urging that you be vocal about how you intend to vote.  Voters may guard the privacy of their ballot.  But as party activists it is left to us to help others understand that their vote is their own.  Our votes belong to no party, politician or political operative who would try to vote-shame or otherwise bully us to support at the polls candidates who have done nothing to earn our vote.