This page is an index of proposals to the Georgia Green Party Platform. Hyperlinks open up to a version of the proposal with contact information redacted. Georgia Green Party members can request to join a mailing list to participate in discussions of the proposals.

After the first session of the Conference Platform on June 12, 2021, the proposals have been divided up into those which the Platform Committee will recommend for the Consent Agenda of the Convention and those which are currently in the Debate Agenda. The second session of the Conference Platform takes place on June 20, 2021 at 4 pm EDT. Voting in the second session finalizes the recommendations of the Platform Committee.

  • Consent Agenda
  • Debate Agenda
    • CJ02 – Reparations to Victims of Georgia Department of Corrections
    • DE01 – Remove Outdated Language Related to Voting Machines
    • EC01 – Strengthen Community Control of Public Schools
    • EC02 – Require Attendance of Community and Political Meetings for High School Graduation
    • ED01 – Stop Corporate Plundering of Resources of Weak States
    • ED02 – Add title to Economic Democracy plank 9
    • FP01 – Restrict Arms Transfers
    • HR01 – (by substitution) Endorse the Draft International Convention for the Abolition of Surrogacy (as originally submitted)
    • HR04 – Affirmation of Freedoms and Rights of People Who Identify as Transgender and Non-Binary (as originally submitted)
    • TA01 – Move Maximum Wage Bill Endorsement to Taxation Plank