The Georgia Green Party will hold its 2017 annual meeting at the conference center of Georgia Perimeter College at 495 North Indian Creek Drive Clarkston Georgia Saturday June 17th from 9 am till 3 PM, doors open at 8:30.  Jill Stein, the Green party’s presidential candidate for 2016 will be our guest that morning and for some other events to be announced for Friday afternoon and evening June 16.

We may try two breakout briefings, perhaps one on public education and the opt-out movement and another on the for achieving prospects for Medicare For All in the Trump era. There will be two other events to be announced for Friday June 16 at which Jill will be present.

We expect to bring 80 to 100 people together from around the state on that Saturday. We believe we can accomplish this

  • by doing weekly mailings to our existing list informing them of and inviting them to this gathering;
  • through an aggressive phone banking effort to reach all 4,000 people currently on our list,
  • by tabling and other in-person outreach work at events of all kinds with list-addition forms on cell phones or tablets, and providing those doing that tabling with a variety of handouts on what the GP is and believes.
  • by launching a series of virtual events via Facebook or other means during the months of May, June and continuing after that.. 

Successfully bringing off this 2017 summer meeting will put us on the road to becoming a statewide party of real significance, and give us the valuable experience needed to conduct an ever better winter meeting attended by three or four times that many.

Clarkston, located in Dekalb County is a diverse and welcoming community with an interesting recent history. After 911 Clarkston hosted a wave of Afghan refugees. They stuck around two or three years until they figured out how America works at which time they lit out for the suburbs where they might have a chance at becoming white. The Afghans were followed by a wave of Iraqi refugees who stayed in Clarkston for two or three years until they figured out how America works and they also fled for the suburbs.  Clarkston’s third recent wave of immigrants and refugees have been from East Africa, from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. America works rather differently for them, so they have settled permanently into Clarkston alongside large existing communities of Caribbean and West African  immigrants in east Dekalb.

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