Platform: a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands

The Platform Committee of the Georgia Green Party invites the public to a monthly virtual examination of sections of its platform. Registration is required.

Egg with "Awesome Local Political Platform" written on it.Each session will consist of a brief overview of a chapter of the platform, then a selection of recent news reports on topics covered in the chapter and then a discussion of possible amendments to the platform. Georgia Green Party members in good standing will be authorized to speak during the discussion, while others will be able to submit comments and questions through a chat box.

All sessions are on the 4th Sunday of the month, 4 pm Eastern Time. Register by clicking on this link:

August 27, Chapter 3 “Catastrophic Climate Crisis”
September 24, Chapter 4 “Economic Democracy”
October 22, Chapter 5 “Education”
November 26, Chapter 11 “Foreign Policy”

Make sure you follow up your registration by using the on-screen instructions to create via Zoom your own personal login credentials for the teleconference.

You can access the text of the current Georgia Green Party Platform at

Note that all sessions are recorded for Platform Committee amendment processing and excerpts may be published at the discretion of the Georgia Green Party.

Imaged used under Creative Common License with attribution to Bart Everson.