With the opening week of the 2020 legislative session, local media have been reporting daily on public statements and events involving Georgia Governor Brian Kemp urging increased state action to protect Georgians from the exploitation of sex-trafficking.

The officers of the Georgia Green Party responded by delivering a letter Wednesday morning to the Governor’s office urging a comprehensive approach with the aim of abolishing prostitution, with the adoption of Nordic Model inspired reforms.

But we urge a more comprehensive approach, specifically that you look to the Nordic Model for the abolition of prostitution and to craft a more comprehensive approach to shutting down the operation in Georgia of this exploitative industry estimated at $100 billion in global annual revenues, fueled by a carnage measured in the exploitation of the lives of women and children. Key to doing so is to enlist in this effort our most obvious allies, the mostly women exploited for the profit of the pimps, the very ones who endure daily rape by the panderers.

You can read the entire letter here:

ltr_to_gov_kemp-comprehensive_action_can_abolish_prostitution_20200114.pdf (1509 downloads )