IDB #2022-5:3
as adopted, April 17 th , 2022

A Resolution of the
Coordinating Committee of the
Georgia Green Party

Whereas, in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 9th, 2022, Pakistan’s National Assembly in Islamabad, adopted with a narrow majority, a motion expressing no-confidence in the Coalition government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan; and

Whereas, as a result of this vote, Imran Khan lost his seat as Prime Minister and caused to be scheduled for the following Tuesday, an parliamentary election to name a new Prime Minister; and

Whereas, it was broadly speculated that Shebaz Sharif was expected to assume the role as the Prime Minister; and

Whereas, Sharif is the younger brother of a former Prime Minister of Pakistan prohibited by judicial order from assuming political office due to his past convictions for public corruption; and

Whereas, Khan’s Coalition government consistently pursued foreign policies seeking independence from the Washingon Consensus of imperial agression around the world, refusing the use of Pakistan bases for US CIA operations in Afhanistan and seeking closer trade relationships with China and Russia; and

Whereas, in the midst of the Ramadan fast, millions of supporters rallied and marched in cities, large and small, across the South Asian nation; and

Whereas, it is common knowledge among Pakistanis, though under reported in the Western media, that:

  • members of the coalition organizing the vote of no-confidence, including specifically Shebaz Sharif, were facing imminent corruption convictions in prosecutions now largely suspended following the ouster of Prime Minister Khan;
  • the ascendacy of Shebaz Sharif as Prime Minister provides him immunity, as a matter of law, from prosecution for the charges he faced until his election;
  • that the Biden Administration had used economic incentives and heavy handed threats of U.S. retaliation in the event that the Parliament in Islamabad failed to overthrow the Khan Coalition government; and
  • that large sums of U.S. dollars and foreign policy incentives were used to grease palms to build support for the no-confidence vote.

Resolved, that the Georgia Green Party condemns as despicable, the actions of the Biden Administration to interfere in the democratically elected government of yet another sovereign nation.

Resolved, that the Georgia Green Party calls on Congress to investigate the corrupt practices of the Biden Administration and its State Department to overturn the democratic will of the citizens of Pakistan to form their own government and to pursue public policies in the best interests of the Pakistani people.


In the midst of the Ramadan fast, Imran Khan, Member of Parliament recently ousted
as Prime Minister in a U.S. State Department financed coup, has drawn crowds of millions
at political rallies held after taraweeh prayers observed late at night during the Muslim fast.