Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Georgia Greens Asking about the 2024 Presidential Election

Greens are understandably excited about supporting a Green candidate for Georgia’s 16 electoral college votes. As the Georgia Green Party has already begun receiving inquiries from Greens eager to begin action and from representatives of campaigns for candidates seeking the party’s nomination, the Georgia Green Party has put together this document to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If, after reading this document, you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Section 1: Information for Candidates

1. How can a candidate earn the nomination of the Georgia Green Party?

Contact the Secretary of the Georgia Green Party and let us know of your interest.  Read more below.

2. What do I need to know about the Presidential Preference Caucus?

The Nominating Convention Rules of the Georgia Green Party provides in Article V a Policy on the Presidential Nominating Convention. This policy outlines the process whereby the Georgia Green Party prepares for the Quadrennial Presidential Nominating Convention for the nomination of candidates for President of the United States seeking the Green Party nomination.

3. How can my preferred candidate be included on the Georgia Party’s Presidential Preference Caucus ballot?

A state convention delegate must nominate a candidate for inclusion on the Georgia party’s Presidential Preference Caucus ballot. That candidate must meet specific qualifications outlined in the rules. The convention delegate must be a member of the Georgia Green Party and must be recognized by the convention as a Delegate for their county affiliate or caucus. The most essential first step to being a delegate is to join the party. For information on how to do that, visit:

4. How can my candidate get on the Georgia ballot in the 2024 November General Election?

The nominee of the Georgia Green Party, to appear on the Georgia 2024 November General Election ballot, must meet a petition-gathering requirement and be certified to the Secretary of State by the Party as its candidate. If a petition form for your candidate of choice is not linked here, obtain a copy of the necessary petition form and instructions and contact the Secretary of the Georgia Green Party. As campaigns contact the state party, the necessary forms will be generated and linked from this FAQ.

5. When can we begin circulating the petition? When is the filing deadline?

The period for circulating this petition begins 2024-January-11th (estimated), and the filing deadline is expected to be Tuesday, 2024-July-09. We traditionally ask petition circulators to turn in their petitions the weekend before they are due to allow time for their final preparation for filing on Tuesday morning and for use as evidence for potential litigation to ensure our candidates’ places on the ballot.

6. How many signatures will it take to place our candidate on the Georgia ballot?

The requirements of the Georgia Election Code for presidential races were struck down as unconstitutional on March 17th, 2016 in a case, styled, Green Party of Ga. v. Kemp, 171 F. Supp. 3d 1340 (N.D. Ga. 2016). Under the 2016 Court Order, we are required to file 7,500 valid signatures to place a Presidential candidate on the Georgia ballot. To survive the validation process, we urge Green Party supporters (1) to avail themselves of the training provided by experienced petition circulators in the party; and (2) to help us raise a minimum of 15,000 signatures.

7. Will the Georgia Green Party campaign for my candidate?

Prior to the Presidential Preference Caucus, the Georgia Green Party will not differentiate in its treatment of candidates, meaning that it will neither endorse a candidate nor provide support to one candidate in preference to others. It has been our practice (though not mandated by rule) that our officers are asked to remain publicly neutral with regard to the Presidential race until after our Presidential Preference Caucus has been conducted. This does not preclude Georgia Green Party members from supporting the candidate of their choice under the guidance of the candidate’s campaign.

If the Georgia Green Party nominates a candidate, the Coordinating Council (the governing body of the Georgia Green Party) would be empowered to make decisions regarding the extent of the support the party can provide to the candidate’s campaign.

Section 2: Information for Georgia Greens

1. When can I start gathering signatures for my candidate to appear on the Georgia 2024 November General Election Ballot?

The formal petition gathering process begins 2024-January-11. Preparation for a successful petition gathering drive is essential, so contact the candidate’s campaign and the Georgia Green Party and express your willingness to help. You will also want to communicate with the campaign of your preferred candidate to see how you can connect and work with other supporters.

2. What can I do to persuade the Georgia Green Party to nominate my candidate?

Make sure you and other Greens are eligible to participate in the Presidential Preference Caucus of the Georgia Green Party by joining the Georgia Green Party. Seek election at the Georgia Green Party’s Nominating Convention as Delegates to the Quadrennial Presidential Nominating Convention. Educate fellow Greens on the merits of your candidate and ask them to vote for them at the Nominating Convention.

3. Regardless of the nominee, I understand that 16 Greens need to run as Electoral College members. I’m interested in doing that. What do I need to do?

Presidential Elector is a publicly elected partisan office. To be nominated as a member of the Georgia Green Party’s slate of Presidential Electors requires, as for any other partisan office, that you must be a member of the Georgia Green Party. You must be a registered voter in Georgia. You must file a Notice of Intent to Seek the Nomination of the Georgia Green Party, supported by an Affidavit of Candidacy, the affidavit must be notarized and include a money order with a nominal filing fee (3% of the $50 compensation, should you be elected, or $1.50). Contact the Georgia Green Party to indicate your willingness to pursue this or any other candidacy for public office.

4. What other actions can I take to promote Green politics in Georgia?

Thanks for asking. There are so many ways you can help!

Join the Georgia Green Party! Spread its posts on social media. Tell people in your circle that there is an alternative that promotes people, peace and the planet over profits. Consider running for office. Learn about the party’s platform and participate in its amendment process. Become a county contact. Help form an affiliate. Contribute money.