Additional Nominating Convention 2024-May-18

Additional Nominating Convention 2024-May-18

Notice is given that Greens from across Georgia are urged to attend the 2024 Nominating Convention of the Georgia Green Party.

We will convene on Saturday, May 18th, at 10am, with plans to adjourn at 4pm that afternoon. This nominating convention is our opportunity to nominate candidates for public office (including ten vacancies on the state party’s slate for Presidential Electors), elect the party’s internal leadership, consider amendments to the bylaws which have been previously reviewed and amendments to the party Platform.

Green Party members and others registered to participate in the Convention are invited to show up at 9 am to caucus for the purpose of naming delegates from their county to the 2024 Nominating Convention of the Georgia Green Party. This virtual event will be hosted on an online conferencing platform and pre-registration is required.

This meeting will consider nominations for internal party offices, including three two-year seats and five one-year seats on the state committee. The Nominating Convention will also consider proposed amendments to the state party platform and proposed changes to the bylaws as such may have been previously reviewed by the state committee.

Aspiring candidates for partisan public office are urged to reach out to discuss our litigation strategies and how you might participate in this election cycle to open up our ballot access options for future election cycles.