Growing Up Targeted, postponed due to death in family

An episode of our Expose COINTELPRO Education Series

The Georgia Green Party is a founding member of the COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Coalition to pass HR-2998.

This event features a panel including the now grown children of former political prisoners Fulani Sunni-Ali (may she be well rewarded for her many contributions) and Georgia resident, Baba Bilal Sunni-Ali who survived Sr. Fulani’s untimely death, perhaps six or eight years ago now. Sr. Fulani for many years co-hosted with Sulaiman Mahdi, (who was himself a founding member of the Georgia Green Party, may he too be long remembered and well rewarded), a weekly program on Radio Free Georgia (WRFG-89.3FM).

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend this event. Use this link to RSVP your intentions and to register with the zoom platform for connection credentials.

COINTELPRO is not just about history, but about the police state tactics which continue to be used by law enforcement to undermine the Constitutionally protected activities which constitute legitimate political organizing in service of our communities.
We will know neither democracy nor justice so long as political dissent is criminalized. We will never know freedom when the police powers of the state constrain acceptable political opinions or the boundaries of debate on matters of public policy, when it is acceptable that they neutralize effective organizing. The First Amendment is empty under the chill of law enforcement surveillance of political debate in public fora.
The Church Commission may have advanced this work. Yet we now live in an age of the PATRIOT Act, with the FBI targeting ‘black identity extremists’, and operating a countering violent extremism program which targets muslims gathered for prayer while ignoring white supremacist organizing. Our public fora are hosted by a corporate surveillance state. There remains much work we have left to do.
We hope to see Greens from across Georgia and beyond on the call this coming Sunday afternoon!