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Join Us Dec. 15th — Ending Men’s Violence Against Women with this Generation

Join us please Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific for a virtual panel presentation and conversation on Ending Men’s Violence against Women with this Generation Our panel includes two women who have spent years… Continue Reading →

Join our bi-weekly Virtual Town Hall Meetings — meet Georgia Green Party Candidates

Half of eligible voters stay home, not due to apathy, but because corporate politicians have alienated them. Come meet the Green Party candidates ready to offer a reason to vote for us, instead of voting against their opponent. Our future… Continue Reading →

Voting in Georgia — get registered, vote early, often and on absentee paper ballots

For those wanting to vote early and in person, know that the polls are already open. To learn the details on polling locations relevant for your county, use this form to get a phone number for your county county’s superintendent… Continue Reading →

Petitioning Under Pandemic Conditions

this is a work in progress please contribute your experience and expertise justifying the risks Most election cycles, a primary concern in our qualifying question recommendations is with not wasting our own time and energy.  This year, compelled by the… Continue Reading →

Validatable signatures — important points to bear in mind

1. None of the petition signatures you collect will be validated unless you as the circulator swear an oath before a notary public to the affidavit which should be printed on the back of each page. Read carefully the affidavit… Continue Reading →

Qualifying a valid ballot access signature

In this post you are offered two questions to quickly qualify potential petition signers; plus some simple instructions for the voter, with which to coach them to provide you valid signatures. Collecting signatures is hard work.  Do not get distracted… Continue Reading →

Georgia Green Party Coordinating Council 2020-2022

Quick Decision Council (2020/2021) J.Kweku Lumumba, co-chair, (2021), David Josue, co-chair (2022), + Denice Traina, treasurer, (2022), Hugh Esco, secretary, (2022),, 912-571-1833   Additional members of the state committee: LeRoy Bartell, (2021), Steve Carr  (2021),… Continue Reading →

Nominating Convention of the Georgia Green Party 2020, Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 25th, 2020 7:00 pm Convention is called to order by the Convention Conveners7:10 pm welcoming remarks by Party Officers7:20 pm Credentials committee report, consideration and adoption 7:30 pm Nominating Convention selects and approves a facilitator and clerk 7:40… Continue Reading →

Georgia Party lends technical assistance to Barnhill Recall Campaign

On the initiative of Thano Paris, state committee member and a former co-chair of the Georgia Party, members of the Georgia Party leadership sought to engage with and support the #IRunWithAhmaud effort to demand justice for the lynching death of… Continue Reading →

Juneteenth Reflection from Georgia Green Party Chairman, J. Kweku Lumumba

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” (Frederick Douglass, 1857) On the occasion of the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, the struggle which is being broadcast before the world today is against ​ police brutality . ​ This brutality,… Continue Reading →

Georgia Green Party Coordinating Council 2019-2021

  Quick Decision Council (2020/2021) J.Kweku Lumumba, co-chair, (2021), + Denice Traina, co-chair (2020), LeRoy Bartell, treasurer, (2021), Hugh Esco, secretary, (2020),, 912-571-1833   Additional members of the state committee: Khalifa Wasiuddin Ahmed (2021), resigned Steve Carr … Continue Reading →

Additional Annual 2020 Convention of the Georgia Green Party

Notice is given of, and Greens from across Georgia are urged to participate in an additional Annual Convention in 2020 for the Georgia Green Party. Pursuant to recent changes to the party convention rules, and a finding by the officers… Continue Reading →

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