Our primary task this year is to do the work so that the Green Imperative we offer is on the ballot as an option for Georgia voters in 2020. The corporate parties are staging their political theatre in all media channels. But we know that whoever wins those contests, that the best we could hope for is half-hearted noise about the crisis we face (catastrophic climate change, imperialism, a poisoned food supply, science, regulatory and legislative bodies corrupted by corporate control), over action to advance the eco-cidal policies of business as usual. The purpose of the blue team’s sheepdog strategy is to distract Green minded voters from building independent political power until it is too late to put a Plan B on the ballot, leaving the voters without a choice.

Last I looked, fourteen candidates had identified themselves to the FEC as intent on seeking our 2020 presidential nomination. Whether we have a ballot line to offer Georgia voters an opportunity to vote for our eventual nominee is now up to us.

Only two things can get that job done: (1) our carrying the petitions and collecting the signatures; and (2) the money to hire still more people to help us do the same.

Those ballot access barriers can melt away, if we win the matching funds race. If only three or five of those candidates seeking our 2020 banner take this campaign seriously enough to qualify EARLY for matching funds, and then invest those funds in a ground campaign to secure the necessary signatures, we can deliver 51 ballot lines to our 2020 nominee.

Even one of those candidates, if the right one, if they are ready to hit the road, could have such an impact by qualifying for matching EARLY; if they continued to work the fundraising as hard until the polls closed as they do to meet the qualifying thresholds early.

Unless the Blue team’s HR-1 language on the matching funds program makes it past McConnel to Trump’s desk, the winning formula is to raise at least $5k in small contributions from each of at least 20 states, before the Conventions adjourn next Summer.

If those candidates serious about seeking our nomination demonstrated it with an early focus on fundraising, and by qualifying in the next month or so for the matching funds program, we’d have a year to double our contributors’ first $250 to fund the work of building this party.

In 2020 it is not enough to defeat Trump, we must also defeat the system which gave rise to his kind.

The window opened for our 2020 petition drive on April 15th. Please get your petition here, make sure you print it front-and-back on white legal size paper, and get out there. For those who have not done this before, or who might need a refresher course, please contact me for a quick training by phone, and watch for an upcoming video on how to effectively collect validatable signatures. We cannot do this without your support.

— Hugh Esco, Secretary
Georgia Green Party