If you are interested in joining the committee or participating in its work, fill out this form to send your contact information to Ayman Fadel, co-chair of the committee. Official communication of Platform Committee activity occurs on the mailing list. Contact Ayman to be added to the list. You must be a member of the Georgia Green Party to participate in the list or any of the meetings other than the initial briefing.

Process of the Committee on the Green Party Platform for Submission of Amendments to Georgia Green Party Platform for Party Consideration at the 2021 Annual Convention

All meetings are via teleconference.

1. Briefing on Georgia Green Party Platform Revision Process
Tuesday, May 24th, 2021 — 7:00 pm. Registration required.

This initial teleconference will serve to provide party members a briefing on the platform revision process, their opportunity to participate and their role in the process.  Party members are urged to use this opportunity to get their questions answered about the Georgia party’s platform revision process and are welcome to identify areas of the Platform they are interested in revising.

2. Deadline to receive proposed amendments
Monday, May 31st, 2021 — 5:00 pm
All submissions shall be made by email addressed to: platform-cmte@georgiagreenparty.org

Submissions are expected to identify by chapter and plank or paragraph the language in the existing platform which they seek to amend, the language proposed to be repealed, the language proposed to be adopted, including revisions to plank titles, and if a new chapter is proposed, that the proposed language be crafted to conform to the existing platform with respect to style, specificity, length and organization.  In addition, each platform amendment proposed for consideration shall identify by name, county, email and phone number, each party member sponsoring each proposal.

3.  Co-chairs of the Committee on the Green Party Platform will work with sponsors of proposed amendments to ensure compliance with style expectations and to prepare amendments for consideration by the Platform Conference in preparation for the Convention.  An index of all proposals, with links to the full text of each such proposal, identifying sponsors by name, county and contact information shall be prepared for internal circulation among party members.  A version of the index with links, redacted of personal email addresses and phone numbers, along with the full text of each proposed revision to the platform shall be published for public access to the website of the party.

4.  A membership mailing shall be published giving notice of the Platform Conference, not later than June 7th, 2021.

5. Co-chairs of the Committee on the Green Party Platform shall convene, on Saturday, June 12th, 2021, a Platform Conference, to test each proposed change to the platform for inclusion on the proposed consent agenda, debate agenda or minority report.  The Platform Conference shall be conducted in two sessions, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon, with preliminary polling conducted without debate at the morning session, and an opportunity for conferencing over concerns and the formulation of substitute language for reconsideration at the afternoon session.  Votes taken during the afternoon session shall be binding upon the formulation of the Committee’s report to the Annual Convention.

6.  Co-chairs of the Committee on the Green Party Platform shall publish their report to the website of the party and submit their report to the Secretary of the party not later than Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 at midnight.

7. Co-chairs of the Committee on the Green Party Platform are urged to work with sponsors of any proposals which failed to be placed on the Consent Agenda to work through concerns among party members and with the intention of formulating and publishing substitute language to address concerns among the membership.  Committee co-chairs are urged to schedule real time conference calls among interested parties to address such concerns and shall give notice of not less than 72 hours to the membership of the Committee on the Green Party Platform, using its listserve to do so.

8.  The Co-Chairs of the Committee on the Green Party Platform shall revise their report from time to time to reflect any substitutes which shall be formulated in this process, and shall publish same to the website as such revisions to the report are made, preserving for the record any previously published version of each such proposal.

9.  The Co-Chairs of the Committee on the Green Party Platform shall present their report to the Annual Convention of the Georgia Green Party, on Saturday, July 24th, 2021, and shall work with the Convention facilitation team to manage the time afforded to debate on the Platform to ensure that those items enjoying the broadest support at the Platform Conference are heard earlier than those enjoying less support at the pre-Convention Platform Conference; that proponents and opponents of each proposal on the debate agenda are afforded an equitable opportunity to be heard and that the will of the Convention is respected in the revision of the Platform.