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We are working to build a future worthy of our love for the grand children. The roots we put down now will bear fruit for generations to come.

The administration offers us expanding and shifting wars without end, reform to ensure the insurance industry may continue to profit from denying us the health care which is our right, bailouts for banksters as they foreclose on homes in our communities and not a mumbling word about the the corporations which poison our food, desecrate our commons and pollute our minds from their infestation of the media and educational system.

And in Georgia, yet another Governor pretends like the economic interests of the asphalt lobby and the homebuilders can somehow forgive the criminal negligence of our responsibility for the water crisis we face, the industrialization of the prison state, the corporate take-over of our public education system, the colonization of Georgia workers.

Twenty dollars a day will permit our Party to communicate with ourselves and the world, and funds a bare-bones infrastructure for an organizing campaign.

Eighty-three dollars a day will hire a part-time staff to coordinate the next phase of building our state-wide political party.

Whether you can participate in our Dollar-a-Day sustaining pledge program, or make a one time financial contribution, with your support, with your candidacy, your volunteer energy, your time and your money, we can offer the next generation more hope than we face now.

Please give generously.

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