Watch this index page, a work-in-progress, as materials are being added regularly.

Please excuse the rough spots in this training video.  I am closing in on a first rough cut.  There are spots here covered by a scratch audio track, but for which I have no suitable video to cover those missing scenes.  I have not begun to construct the titles.  Nor to lay in the captioning.  Nothing has been contributed to the sound design.  No music.  No color correction work.  No credits yet.  This video is still in the early stages of post-production.

Nonetheless, this video covers many tactical considerations useful to ballot access petition circulation in Georgia, at least under pre-pandemic conditions.

At the moment this covers the first 16 pages of a 27 page script, slightly past the half way mark.  Key concepts not yet reflected in this early cut include: ‘supervising the signature’, ‘responding to voter questions’, ‘effective use of campaign literature’, ‘engaging a petition signer as a campaign supporter or volunteer or as a party member’, ‘logging metrics of our ballot access work’, ‘pre-validation of signatures’, ‘notarizing the affidavit’, ‘the disinterested notary rule’, and the ‘numbers game’.

Under pandemic lock-down our best options for placing ourselves in the stream of foot traffic on public property is likely our U.S. Post Offices.  For those ready to move along when given a criminal trespass warning, there are a handful of other promising options.  But the safest option at the moment, operating without the public gatherings which have formed the core of our ballot access strategy in years past, are the post offices and public transit stations.

Qualifying a Valid Ballot Access Signature

Important Points to Remember

Petitioning Under Pandemic Conditions

If you have questions or need support, please call 912-571-1833.  I would be happy to help.

The Cooper for Congress campaign tried running advertising offering to meet folks in a public park to collect their signature.  We have dubbed the campaign drive-through ballot access.  After iterating on that campaign for three days, producing five different ads, we were unable, at least in the Warner Robins market, to book a single appointment.  It would take us 200 three hour shifts to fully staff this effort 8am to 9pm.  The Cooper campaign is also raising the funds to pay the costs of a social media advertising campaign to drive traffic to these drive through signature collection stations.

See, for further details: