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The Georgia Green Party is funded by the voluntary monthly contributions of our members. Georgia Green Party members in good standing are enttitled to serve as party officers and representatives, and to vote on matters including but not limited to our party’s rules and policies, the endorsements of candidates, campaigns and much more.

Minimum membership dues are $10 per month. Click the button below for full membership in the Georgia Green Party at $10 per month.

Or you can help us build a powerful political presence in this state by kicking in a dollar a day, also a full party membership at $30 a month. To join the Georgia Green Party at the $30 monthly level click the button below.

Democrat and Republican parties are funded by corporations, by foundations and self-interested philanthropy, and sometimes by wealthy candidates. The Green Party’s independence is guaranteed by the fact that we are funded by member dues.

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Call it investing in peace and the planet. Democrats and Republicans alike are howling for war with Iran, Syria, Russia, with China or the enemy of the day, and neither major party turns down money from oil and energyu companies.
The Green Party is the only place you can invest in peace, in people and in the planet over profit. Go ahead…..  really….