Freedom ain’t free

We ask members ready to build an effective and independent political party to become dues-paying members of the Georgia Green Party for $10 or more each month.  The Green Party relies on you.  We don’t ask corporations or foundations or the one percent to support the people’s party.  We’re a political party, not a church or nonprofit organization, so your Green Party dues or other contributions to the party are NOT tax deductible.

Or you can click the button below and join the Georgia Green Party at a dollar a day, $30 a month. Dollar a day contributions will get us back into court this year to secure ballot access for Green candidates in 2018.

Or you can make a one time contribution of $50 to the Georgia Green Party.  Your contribution helps us print literature, secure places to meet, have a presence under the dome and at meetings of regulatory bodies.

And if you’re feeling it, you can give $100 to the Georgia Green Party.  When Democrats and Republicans alike are howling for war with Iran, Syria, Russia, China or the enemy of the day, the Green Party is the only place you can invest in peace, in people and in the planet over profit.